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Working Hard, But Unsure of the Path?

"Super Seven" Key Action Steps!

1) Establish a retirement goal plan with a qualified financial advisor. Remember that a goal without a plan will most likely remain a dream. 

2) Watch out for the high cost of new cars, electronics, designer clothes and eating out. These expenses can be most damaging to pursuing your goals.

3) Don’t play around with your 401(k) plan. Slow and steady wins the race. Do not cash out if you change jobs.

4) Start funding a college saving plan for your children, but only after you are saving 10% for retirement.

5) Set up either a will, trust or both. Don’t let someone else decide your wishes. 

6) Reassess all insurance coverage include life, disability and auto liability. A major accident or illness could wipe out your good plans. 

7) Tune out the noise and confusion of news headlines and misinformation.